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Painting Kitchen

Painting Warranties

At Into Painting And Spraying in Monotone, New Brunswick, we provide home improvement painting services that come with the best warranties and guarantees in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

As one of our valued customers, your satisfaction is important to us. To ensure that you receive lasting enjoyment from our services, we offer a warranty all of our workmanship and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Kitchen cabinet painting/spraying 5 year guarantee against peeling and or flaking, we can't guarantee against chipping as paint can chip.

Wall painting: We only use washable products so we guarantee that after 30 days of curing time you will be able to wash your walls with just soap ( Dawn ) recommended  and water with no hazing issues.

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Detailed & Long-Lasting Support

All of our warranties include the correcting of any problem that you may experience with our material or workmanship during a set period of time. 

Interior painting of walls, doors and trim : We only use washable paint so we guarantee that you will be able to wash your walls, doors and trim.

Kitchen cabinets:  Guaranteed to be washable and not to peel or flake for 5 years . Unfortunately, we can not guarantee against chipping as paint can chip.

Exterior painting NOT STAINING: Guaranteed not to peel or flake for 15 years and fading for 10 years.