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Kitchen cabinet painting ( spraying).

Starting at $1250 for 25 pieces cabinet doors/drawers non oak .

Our process: all doors and drawers are removed and brought to our shop to be cleaned, sanded, 1 coat of primer is sprayed to non oak, 2 coats to oak, lightly sanded, 2 coats of quality washable paint is sprayed.

Doors will be returned and installed between 7-10 days. Price includes all cleaning materials, primer and paint.

At your home  all bases and frames are de glossed/cleaned,lightly sanded, 1-2 coats of primer and 2-3 coats of paint will be rolled and brushed which will take 1 full day to 2 days.

Bases and frames can be sprayed on site .

Interior Doors No Glass To Be Sprayed

Interior doors ready for pick up: Sprayed at our shop 2 coats of quality washable paint included $35 eachminimum of 5 doors.

Shutters ready for pick up 2 coats quality washable paint included sprayed minimum of 6 shutters $25 each.

We also spray furniture exterior doors, garage doors and much more. 

Kitchen cabinets guaranteed not to peel or flake for 5 years.


Walls only 2 coats prices starting at $1.30 per square feet of room for normal conditions and very minimial furniture to move. How to measure Wall A 12 feet x Wall B 10 feet  10x12  = 120 sq ft gives you the square footage of that room.

Ceilings starting at .30 cents a square feet for 1 coat

Prices do not include Hst.